Raitted No. 1
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Raitted No. 1
Bonnie sings the blues
The Truro Daily News 11/8/08

BIBLE HILL — As nine-time Grammy Award winner Bonnie Raitt took to the stage at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival Saturday night thousands of people were on their feet and cheering at the top of their lungs.

Blues superstar Bonnie Raitt gave the approximately 10,000 Dutch Mason Blues Festival fans what they had come to hear. It was a super show that did not disappoint. Jason Malloy - Truro Daily News

Among the massive crowd of revellers was Marry Ann McGrath from Halifax, a self-proclaimed lifetime Raitt fan. She and her friends weren’t hard to miss; they were the ones with glow stick necklaces and armbands who were dancing their hearts out.
“It’s days like this I like being alive,” laughed McGrath.
Raitt received a deafening applause after every song with fans going wild after favourites like Thing Called Love and Something To Talk About. Across the sea of faces there were people dancing wherever they had a few feet to move.
“There’s some incredible musicians on this stage for this festival every year, and I’m sure every year it’s just incredible. Thanks for supporting the blues and thank you for bringing me here,” said the 59-year-old Raitt to the masses.
Reports from organizers Saturday night put the crowd in attendance at roughly 10,000 by the time Raitt walked on stage.
The throngs of people had been steadily growing all night as opening acts Garrett Mason, David Gogo, James Cotton and Hubert Sumlin belted out tune after blues-filled tune. By the time 11 p.m. rolled around the grounds of the Truro Raceway were alive with a sea of humanity.
Throughout the show artistic director David DeWolfe was still busy trying to make sure everything was running as smoothly as possible.
The turnout was simply amazing, it was beyond even what the organizers had hoped for, he said.
“We’re all happy and it looks like the crowd’s happy. I know Walter Trout was happy last night (Friday). He asked me if I could bring him back ... he wouldn’t even get off the stage. He played almost 40 minutes over his time,” said DeWolfe.
Meanwhile back on stage, Raitt was telling the people how much she had enjoyed her short stay in Nova Scotia. She even managed to get some sailing done in St. Margarets Bay, before the show.
She also hinted at her political agenda, which is notedly anti-George W. Bush.
“We’ll see what we can do in November to help our part of the world.”
As the performance went on and Raitt sang her classic hits, she mixed in a few covers such as Robert Palmer’s Bad Case of Loving You. And even after her set was done, the cries of the crowd drew her back on stage for a few more songs.
Some of the people who left early to beat the crowds were even dancing on their way out the gate.
When the last note had played and Raitt’s roughly 90-minute set had come to an end, McGrath and her companions who had been dancing for much of the show, had gotten their blues fill.
For a lifelong fan of Raitt’s, seeing her in concert for the first time was like a dream come true, said McGrath.
“It was absolutely fabulous, worth every minute. I could stay here all night,” she said.
As she saluted the crowd one last time and took a final bow with her band, Raitt wished everyone the best and swept off stage with the same grace she had entered it.
“That’s it from us ... I wish we could play all night you guys but thank so much for bringing us here and we’ll see you all next time.”

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Source: The Truro Daily News

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