Bonnie Raitt contributes bg.vocals on Maia Sharp's new album
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Raitt contributes bg.vocals on Maia Sharp's new album

(PR) Acclaimed singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Maia Sharp returns with Echo, her fourth full-length solo album, set for release on August 11th.
The poignant lead single, "John Q. Lonely," goes to radio in mid-June, and it's one of two album songs that fans can download for free now at legendary producer Don Was' page on the innovative website,


Sharp initially met Was when Bonnie Raitt asked her to do harmonies on a track for a movie. Maia, who wrote three songs for Raitt's 2005 album, Souls Alike, and toured with her, joined Was and Raitt in the studio and immediately hit it off with the GRAMMY award-winning producer, who invited Sharp to take part in a www.mydamnchannel session. Intrigued by the concept - an artist records two songs in one day, ending at the stroke of midnight, and the results, no matter how rough, are posted to the site - she agreed. The sessions were so successful that Was signed on to produce her new album.

"Maia Sharp is one of America's great singer-songwriters," says Was. "Her storytelling runs profound and deep while honoring a pop tradition that urges you to sing along and feel good. Maia sings with an angelic voice that's shrouded in stark realism and a healthy dose of's an exotic cocktail!" - Don Was

Working both alone and with co-writers, Sharp penned Echo's dozen songs over a period of three years, but recorded them in 12 days at Henson Studios in Hollywood, CA. The brisk collaborative rhythm between Was and Sharp allowed them to capture the moment, leaving room for spontaneity to run its course. Raitt contributes background vocals to "Death By Perfection" and drummer Jim Keltner (who's played on albums by artists ranging from George Harrison, John Lennon and Joni Mitchell to Elvis Costello, Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple) joins Sharp on all 12 tracks.
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